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Blog Who are the Characters in your Data Story? | Data Stories Deep Dive Episode 3

Data Stories Deep Dive Episode 3 Recap: Scott Taylor

During the 3rd episode of our video series, Data Stories Deep Dive, we spoke with Scott Taylor. Scott Taylor is The Data Whisperer and Principal Consultant at MetaMeta Consulting. He joined us to talk about the characters in your data story. 

“Data Storytelling is about calming people down around data.”

Some insights from the session:

  • The plot of each data story is the analytics and the characters the story are about is the data management piece. Without data management and structure to your data, there would be no business intelligence or a way to derive meaningful insights.
  • Data management brings such incredible power to an organization, the structure of data is pivotal for deriving insights from it. You should look inside your own company and make sure you are paying attention to this part of your business.
  • The golden rule of data; what you put in is what you get out of it.
  • For C-level people to support data management and governance, they have to understand why this is important. Data management helps companies get where they need to go and they need to see that connection.
  • Data management should be baked in as structural for any company- it is a horizontal play and foundational to the business.
  • You would never hear a baker say that flour is worthless until they make it into bread. It’s the same with data and analytics. Data is not worthless but you need both data and analytics to derive truth and meaning.
  • The 3 V’s of telling a data story: Vocabulary (how do you talk about the business, how do you define a customer), Voice (harmonize to a common voice, have your pitch ready) and Vision (show how to enable the vision for the company, what is the company trying to do and how can the data assist in that).
  • Given the current state of the world, data (and storytelling) is more important than it has ever been.

Thanks to Scott for joining the show!

As a reminder, our video series is bi-weekly and hosted by our VP of Marketing, Cassidy Shield. We will feature different data storytelling experts to show you how to best use your data. The mission is simple- we want to teach everyone how to be a better data storyteller. 

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Listen to the full recording and subscribe!

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