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Blog Narrative Science Launches Expertly Curated Track on Data Storytelling

There’s a problem with how we’ve all been taught to interact with data—we are expecting anyone and everyone to be able to analyze and explore it. Think about it—how do you stay informed about what’s going on in the world today? For most people, it looks something like Apple News®. But most companies are still forcing people to jump through hoops just to get the story from their data. The emphasis on being data-driven, while excellent in theory, has become increasingly complex, time-consuming, and way more painful for everyone involved than it needs to be.

So, we think data needs to start coming to us. We need to give our employees a way to understand their data without expecting them to learn data skills. We need to bring data insights to them, wherever and whenever they work. Data storytelling gives anyone, regardless of level or skill set, the ability to understand and use data in their jobs every single day. Data Storytelling is the fastest and easiest way to empower your team to both understand and act on data through the power of stories.

Recently, we hosted a 2-day event to explore this very subject of Data Storytelling. We talked about what it means and how you can implement it in your own business to start taking action on data via stories. One attendee described it as “a TedTalk just on data analytics!” We had nearly 30 expert speakers over 18 sessions and 3000 people sign up! Some example sessions include:

  • How to Tell a Compelling Data Story with Zack Mazzoncini, Co-founder of Decisive Data and founder of Data Story Academy
  • When Machines Tell Stories with Larry Birnbaum, Profession of Journalism and Computer Science at Northwestern
  • What Disney Can Teach us About Data Storytelling with Chris Wagner, Analytics Architect at Rockwell Automation & Microsoft MVP
  • Fireside Chat: Data for Everyone! Why Humanization is Key to Scaling Understanding featuring leaders from Home Depot, Novo Nordisk, and USAA

You can learn more about Data Storytelling and get inspired by all the sessions here.