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Blog Narrative Science Launches Data Storytelling Platform

When Narrative Science was created in 2010, we saw that businesses were struggling to make sense of all the data they had and we knew there has to be a better way. Since then, we’ve helped analytics teams across every industry and every size of company think bigger – think different – about the way they communicate data insights to their users. 

Business Intelligence needs a reset

The way we experience business intelligence today needs a revamp. The most advanced business intelligence tools typically combine pretty data visualization with some language and search capability but the problem is that they aren’t easy to use. And they aren’t understandable for the people that actually need them – the business users.

The experience is not built for the end-user

Business intelligence tools are capping out at 30% adoption – at best – in even the biggest and most data-savvy companies around the world. Nearly ¾ of employees are not getting the insights in the way that they need it and end up making decisions that are not rooted in data.  The tools in place today take too much time to interpret, require users to know what they are looking for and aren’t adapted to the way we work today.

We help all kinds of companies make sense of their data with storytelling. Learn more about Lexio and get an interactive demo.

We’ve built a better way

We thought there had to be a better way for business users to get the insights from that data that they need. So, we built it. Our product, Lexio, was created because we saw a huge gap between the data that’s collected and who gets to understand it and use it. Data needs to be consumable by the people that use it to make decisions. 

What’s our secret sauce?

Lexio has a revolutionary UI that surfaces the most important data insights in an always-updated and easy-to-read news feed- all you have to do is read. It anticipates users’ questions so you don’t need to know the right questions to ask, Lexio will surface it to you. And lastly, lexio is easy to use on a phone as a computer. So, if you are on the road or running around a shop floor, you can get insights about your data anytime and anywhere.

The future is here.