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Blog 6 Things I'm Looking Forward to at Tableau Conference 2019

What happens in data, stays in data

Tableau Conference 2019 is right around the corner and the Narrative Science team is gearing up for an exciting week of data innovation in Las Vegas. With over 700 events planned (not to mention all the booths, parties, happy hours, and more), creating a schedule can be an overwhelming experience!

Here are my top six picks for #TC19:

1. Critical Behaviors of Data-Driven Companies

Tableau’s Ashley Howard Neville is leading this session on how data leaders at enterprise companies can steer their organizations towards actionable insight. Creating data-driven organizations is near and dear to Narrative Science’s heart so we’re excited to hear Ashley share her best practices.

2. USAA: Breaking the Request Cycle to Get from Full Service to Self Service

Longtime Narrative Science customer USAA will provide an overview on how to move your organization from an IT-led BI delivery model to self-service. At Narrative Science, we’re all about empowering business users to derive their own insights so we can’t wait to hear more from Matthew Caudill and Ryan Goree.

3. Ending the Dashboard Dance

Have you ever looked at a dashboard only to pick up the phone or fire off a Slack or email to an analyst to decode what’s happening in the viz? Or maybe you’ve been on the receiving end of these questions. This back-and-forth inevitably takes up valuable time and leaves both parties feeling frustrated. Isn’t the dashboard supposed to be self-explanatory?

If this sounds familiar, then you’ve done the Dashboard Dance. With Quill, there’s a better way. Business users get plain-English stories clearly explaining the key insights in the viz while builders get the convenience of a configuration-free, scalable application that spans all dashboards. To learn more, swing by our booth in Data Village for a demo.  

4. Featured Speaker: Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Topics don’t get closer to my heart than “Storytelling with Data”. As the Founder and CEO of the company, plus the author of the book by the same name, we are bound to have things in common with Cole. Since Narrative Science was founded nearly 10 years ago, we’ve been creating software that turns data into stories. She’s bound to draw a crowd, which means the concept is no longer a “nice to have.” Data storytelling is a necessity.

5. Data Night Out

Tableau’s ultimate data party is at the Palms Casino Resort and has something for everyone. This year’s event includes old school arcade games, laser tag, multiple DJ’s, a live performance from Robert DeLong, three drag shows, and over fifty types of snacks and drinks to keep you going.

Need a breather? Tableau has thoughtfully provided pool-side cabanas where you can take a break and admire the night sky.

6. Braindates

This year, Tableau is offering user-organized topical conversations to help bring customers, partners, and experts together. These Braindates allow conference attendees to gather in a more casual setting and talk about issues directly impacting their business. Some topics that caught my eye include: 

  • Setting Up a Tableau Center of Excellence 
  • Sales Analytics: What Worked Well This Year?
  • How Do you Standardize Reporting When Every Client is Different?

All registered conference attendees are free to log-in and sign up for any open sessions. And if you can’t quite find the topic you’re looking for, you can set up your own Braindate.

Can’t wait to see all of you there. ¡Viva Las Data!

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