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Blog 5 User Experience Issues Hurting Executive BI Adoption

We hear over-and-over that one of the biggest issues with existing BI/Analytics tools is the lack of executive adoption. Executives just aren’t logging into dashboards.

Original thread via Seth Rosen (@sethrosen)

If you are struggling with executive adoption, you will struggle with getting others in your company to adopt.

You can put your data into a cloud data warehouse, you can build a team of data scientists – but if you haven’t found a way to drive adoption – it doesn’t matter.

At a surface level, what we hear is that executives don’t log in because all they want is the “so what” – which is exactly where BI struggles.

However, it’s deeper and boils down to an inadequate user experience.

Here are 5 not-so-obvious user experience issues hurting adoption today:

1. Little Consistency

There is a difference between operational metrics and ad hoc analysis. The majority of analysis required is daily/weekly operational performance. Yet, often, these reports aren’t consistent – making it difficult to get into a routine (“if only this report had the view from the other report”). 

2. An Inability to Explore

Today’s BI Tools are built for exploration, but in reality, this seldom happens. There is typically no navigation or guide. Rather it feels like choosing your own adventure and who has time for that.

3. No Personalization

Because each visualization has to be built manually – it’s one size fits all. Everyone gets the same set of dashboards, regardless of what you need for your role. Yes – you can filter to what is relevant to you, but who has time for that – see (2) above.

4. Poor Distribution 

The “we will build it, and they will come” strategy doesn’t work. You can have the most insightful content, but very few will see it without a plan to distribute. We use so many tools today, thinking about logging into a BI tool is tough. Instead, bring the insight to me (not the entire visualization), in a modern way, where I work – my phone, in Slack or Teams, etc. 

5. Lack of Intelligence

The idea that we invest a lot in data, with brilliant teams, and the output is a bunch of charts where I, as the user, need to figure out what matters is crazy when you think about it. Modern technology should be getting more intelligent, making our lives more simple vs. more complex.

So, what do you do?

A – If you invest heavily in modernizing your data stack – you need to ensure you have a modern experience to go with it. The reason is simple: your ability to generate ROI depends on it.

B – If you aren’t at this point, you can still start using the principles above to understand why your adoption isn’t higher. Once you understand the reasons, you will be in a better position to improve.

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