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February 3, 2019

The State of Business Intelligence Reporting

Historically, “BI reporting” had been a capability delivered only by traditional reporting powerhouses that query and report on systems-of-record data, or of course, the tried-and-true spreadsheet. However, now many subcategories of BI, such as data discovery vendors, utilize reporting capabilities in some shape or form. BI vendors are also increasingly integrating Natural Language Generation (NLG) into their data visualization and reporting capabilities to increase adoption of their tools (BI adoption is currently hovering at only 25% of employees) and make insights easier to consume for end users.

We surveyed over 400 business intelligence users to get a handle on the current state of reporting throughout the enterprise.

Read the report for the answers to the following questions:

  1. With all of the advancements in the data analyst toolkit, will BI adoption grow?
  2. Is the business able to make better decisions, based on the increasing availability of data and the insights that data holds?
  3. What does the future look like if reporting tasks could be increasingly automated?

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