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Quill for Power BI

Helping Power BI developers
become better data storytellers

Give your users data in a way they actually understand – as plain-English stories.


Enable data exploration by creating data stories that respond to your visualizations


Empower everyone by adding data stories to dashboards across multiple domains


Save time explaining dashboards by building data stories within minutes

Personalize data stories for your end users

Easily remove or reorder parts of the story based on what is most important to your readers, highlight significant changes with color, and more.

Empower everyone to understand data

Data stories remove interpretation from your end users, so you can ensure you are always communicating the right insights.

A perfect pair to your dashboards

Data stories are built to compliment your dashboard. Quill makes it easy to add different types of data stories to any of your favorite visualizations.

Innovative Companies Love Data Storytelling

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