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Data Storytelling
for Businesspeople

Making business decisions from dashboards doesn’t have to be hard.

Quill turns data from your business dashboards into plain-English stories. No more interpreting. No more analyzing. All you need to do is read.

Understand your data in seconds

Business moves fast. Keeping up with your data can be really hard. By automating data storytelling, you’ll quickly discover insights on your own and make real business impact.

Know the numbers without having to ask

It’s frustrating to have to wait or have someone else explain your dashboards to you. With Quill, you don’t need to constantly ask an analyst to explain a dashboard. Read about all of the key metrics on your own.

Whether you use Tableau, Power BI, Qlik, or have your in-house data visualization tool, Quill allows you to automatically create data-driven stories at scale.

Easily select the data you want included in your data story, from right within your dashboard.

Quill analyzes your data and writes an automated, interactive data story in seconds.

You can easily customize your story when needed to showcase what’s most important.

As you interact with your dashboards, your data stories update too - so you always have the most relevant insights.

Companies worldwide trust Quill to drive business impact

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