How to Scale Data-Driven Decisions at Your Organization

Creating a Culture of Insight with Donald Farmer

Data is just raw material. In order to evolve from rows and columns to measurable business impact, you need an effective means of scaling understanding at your organization.

Your business users may have access to the data in your arsenal, but for various reasons, they aren’t equipped to digest it.

Despite having dozens of dashboards, countless variations, and thousands of users across every business unit there is a constant recurring piece of user feedback: “it would be great if someone would explain this to me.”

So, how can you solve for understanding?

Join us on February 27th at 1pm CST for “Creating a Culture of Insight” where we will interview Donald Farmer, Principal at TreeHive Strategy and former VP of Innovation & Design at Qlik. 

About Our Presentors

Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer

Donald Farmer is globally recognized as a visionary Product Leader, sought after speaker, patent holder and author who has built and executed BI and AI strategy for industry leaders Microsoft and Qlik, and numerous startups and mid-stage companies.

Narrative Science's Keelin McDonell

Keelin McDonell

Keelin McDonell is the General Manager of BI & Integrations at Narrative Science, the AI-powered software startup that turns huge amounts of data into plain-English stories. She leads the operations around integrated solutions within Tableau, Qlik, Power BI and other business intelligence platforms.