Tableau Extension: UI Updates

Here’s everything you need to know about the user interface (UI) updates we recently pushed to our Quill for Tableau Extension.

Solution Overview

Natural Language in Every Visualization

Our Tableau extension is a purpose-built API that instantly delivers insights from data in charts and graphs. The stories adjust as analysts explore the data, empowering them to identify key insights faster and provide an impactful way to communicate to dashboard viewers

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Evolution of Data Storytelling

These days, data storytelling is top of mind for data explorers of all types. These include business users looking for intuitive analytics, analysts sharing findings with non-technical users, and even vendors who claim their platform tells data stories best. Yet the definition and techniques used to create stories have varied substantially. They’ve also matured over time in both levels of sophistication and automation.

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Narrative Science's Quill takes raw data and turns it into plain-english narratives to reveal insights


Drag, drop, story

Go from data to stories in three clicks

Analyst quality insights

Add and edit context by selecting relevant analytic packages

Seamless experience

Interact and share stories natively in the workbook

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