Our Technology

Our software turns data into stories. Here’s how it works:

Data Connection

Connect to data through common data sources or your favorite dashboards.

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Continued Updates

Once connected, your data is always updated.

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Automated Analysis

Our products analyze your data for you, so you don't have to.

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Instant Prioritization

Our products are smart, always surfacing what's most important and relevant to you.

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Plain-English Stories

Our products write data stories that anyone can understand.

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Consistent Improvement

The more you use your data stories, the more personalized and relevant they will be.

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Ten years of innovation makes this possible

Innovation is core to our culture. We have 34 patents issued, 35+ more pending, and many more to come.

This is our patent wall. Each pillar has a patent along with the names of our people who helped make it happen.

Learn about our approach to AI

We are pushing the boundaries of natural language and artificial intelligence

Click on a patent to learn more

US Patent 10,762,304

issued 9/1/2020

US Patent 10,755,046

issued 8/25/2020

US Patent 10,755,053

issued 8/25/20

US Patent 10,755,042 

issued 8/25/2020

US Patent 10,747,823

issued 8/18/2020

US Patent 10,699,079

issued 7/30/2020

US Patent 10,719,542

issued 7/21/2020

US Patent 10,706,236

issued 7/7/2020

US Patent 10,713,442

issued 7/14/2020

US Patent 10,657,201

issued 5/19/2020

US Patent 10,585,983

issued 6/10/2020

US Patent 10,489,488

issued 11/26/2019

US Patent 10,482,381

issued 11/19/2019

US Patent 10,185,477

issued 1/22/2019

US Patent 9,990,337

issued 6/5/2018

US Patent 9,977,773

issued 5/22/2018

US Patent 10,572,606

Issued 2/15/2018

US Patent 9,720,884

issued 8/1/2017

US Patent 9,720,899

issued 8/1/2017

US Patent 9,697,178

issued 7/4/2017

US Patent 9,697,197

issued 7/4/2017

US Patent 9,697,492

issued 7/4/2017

US Patent 9,576,009

issued 2/21/2017

US Patent 9,396,168

issued 7/19/2016

US Patent 9,251,134

issued 2/2/2016

US Patent 9,208,147

issued 12/8/2015

US Patent 8,892,417

issued 11/18/2014

US Patent 8,886,520

issued 11/11/2014

US Patent 8,843,363

issued 9/23/2014

US Patent 8,775,161

issued 7/8/2014

US Patent 8,688,434

issued 4/1/2014

US Patent 8,630,844

issued 1/14/2014

US Patent 8,374,848

issued 2/12/2013

US Patent 8,355,903

issued 1/15/2013

Meet our Incubation Team

To innovate, you need people that think big. That are a little crazy. That can bring out-of-the-box ideas – ideas that are too complex or undefined to slot into a roadmap – to life.

So we created an Incubator in 2017. For three years, it has influenced our thinking, roadmap, and strategic vision.

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The future is being written here, at Narrative Science. We are curious, creative and passionate people, driven to change how the world uses technology to engage with data. Join us and help shape our future.

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