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Our Story

We live at the intersection of technology and humanity. We believe in the power of data and the power of stories. When the two come together, they empower everyone to understand and use data in a way that has never been possible before.

We are innovators. We are data storytellers. And we are redefining the future of data + analytics.

Our story starts eleven years ago in Chicago, which we still call home. From day one, our mission has been to empower everyone to understand and use data through the power of stories.

We started with automating data-driven articles, such as sports stories, where it is critical to convey data-driven insights so everyone can understand. We began automating Little League articles (still one of our favorite customers!) and Narrative Science was born.

As our technology evolved, customers led us to other areas where the need to understand data was a massive problem – leading us to enterprise reporting.

Our Authoring platform – which is still widely used today! – helps companies augment and automate their most time-consuming reporting needs.

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Then, we found that many companies were turning to business intelligence dashboards for reporting. However, our customers made it clear that there was still a big need for stories to make sure everyone could actually understand the dashboards.

We listened, and built data storytelling extensions for many common BI platforms. Today, Quill helps tens of thousands of dashboard users (and counting!) understand their data.

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But, through our work with Quill, we’ve found that there are a lot of problems with dashboards. Mainly… people don’t use them! Our customers told us over and over again that they weren’t working for most people.

So we set out to create an entirely new analytics experience that was built for business users from the ground up. That would bring data to them in a way they actually understand – and would actually use.

Lexio launched just last year and is already helping hundreds of users make data-driven decisions every single day.

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Our Leaders

Stuart Frankel

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Beil


Mauro Mujica-Parodi

Chief Product Officer

Cassidy Shield

SVP, Marketing + Sales

Katie Grinberg

VP, Talent

Nate Nichols

Chief Scientist

Katie Hughes

VP, Product Management

Co-Founders and Scientific Advisors

Kris Hammond

Chief Scientist

Larry Birnbaum

Chief Scientific Advisor


Ten years of innovation makes our products possible

Innovation is core to our culture. We have 45 patents issued, 45 more pending, and many more to come.

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