Our Story

We live at the intersection of technology and humanity. We believe in the power of data and the power of stories. When the two come together, they empower everyone to understand and use data in a way that has never been possible before.

We are innovators. We are data storytellers. And we are redefining the future of data + analytics.

The way we work is
rapidly changing.

Today, we work in life’s in-between moments. Whether between meetings, waiting to board a flight, or taking care of our kids.

Technology innovation has made this possible.

We can now email, chat, meet, access files, and more, all from our phones – from anywhere at any time.

Data analytics has not evolved with how we work.

Despite having more data than ever, the way we communicate data insights hasn’t changed. We have to dig for what matters or be told what’s important. We only get part of the story.

We’re reimagining the data analytics experience.

Data storytelling is analytics built for everyone.

Where you work

Access and understand data insights wherever you work

Interactive experience

Easily explore the data insights you need in any given moment

Personalized for you

Only be served what matters specifically to you and your job

No configuration

Go from data to insight without data modeling or lengthy set up

Plain English

Understand your data insights in seconds

The results are better decisions, faster work, and happier employees.

When you know the numbers, you can focus on where to double down and where to improve, saving you time and driving more revenue.

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Our Leaders

Stuart Frankel

Chief Executive Officer

Nick Beil


Mauro Mujica-Parodi

Chief Product Officer

Cassidy Shield

VP, Marketing

Katie Grinberg

VP, Talent

Nate Nichols

Chief Scientist

Co-Founders and Scientific Advisors

Narrative Science's Kris Hammond

Kris Hammond

Chief Scientist

Narrative Science's Larry Birnbaum

Larry Birnbaum

Chief Scientific Advisor


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The future is being written at Narrative Science. We are curious, creative and passionate, driven to change how the world engages with data. Join us and help shape our future.

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