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Data Storytelling for
Sales Teams

Know where to spend time. Close more deals. Crush your goals.

A Newsfeed for Sales Data

Spreadsheets. Dashboards. Salesforce® reports. We keep up with our sales data in many different ways – but all of them are difficult.

Lexio turns your team’s data into easy-to-read stories. Instead of a dashboard, get a newsfeed, like Apple News®. Instead of data viz, read plain language. Instead of being tied to your laptop, keep up with your pipeline from your phone.

Sales reporting doesn’t have to suck

Sales teams move fast. Keeping up with the data can be really hard. With Lexio, you will always know how your team is doing – without any digging in the data. Know the numbers. Make decisions faster. Close more deals.

Pinpoint what’s working

Killer strategy starts with great data. Know exactly what’s working – and what’s not – with plain-English data stories that help you understand what drives your team’s success in seconds.

Always know the answer

There’s nothing worse than getting asked a question you should know the answer to and responding without one. With Lexio, you can instantly answer any data-related questions about your team so you never have to ‘circle back’ on that later.

Prioritize your

What needs more attention - a specific rep, a specific deal, or both? Spot risks in your pipeline you know where to spend your time.

Instant pipeline visibility

Know how your team is doing in seconds. By rep, by territory, by product- you name it and you can read a story about it.

Track every

It’s hard to keep track of every deal but Lexio does it for you. Know what deals are stalled, when close dates move, and more.

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