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Get your business data in a newsfeed.

Data storytelling is business analytics built for the way we work today. Get personalized insights from your company’s data and access it from anywhere, like Apple News® or Twitter®. Meet Lexio: the newsfeed for your business.

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Lexio is flipping the data analytics experience on its head. Data storytelling is not just built for analysts, or just for executives. Lexio is built to empower everyone.

No Configuration

Connect to common data sources and get stories in minutes

Where You Work

Get data analytics sent to you, just like any other app

Plain Language

All of your data, explained to you in a way you actually understand

How Lexio Works

Data Connection

Set up is fast, without any configuration needed

Continued Updates

Lexio automatically ingests data every four hours

Automated Analysis

Lexio analyzes your data for you, so you don't have to

Instant Prioritization

Lexio is smart, always surfacing what's most important and relevant to you

Plain-English Stories

Lexio writes data stories that anyone can understand

Consistent Improvement

The more you use it, the more personalized and relevant the stories will be

Why Lexio?

Lexio analyzes your data for you and tells you & your team what you need to know in plain English. No need to dig through dashboards or pore over spreadsheets.

Instant Data Connection

Connect to data sources with zero coding required

See What's Changed

Read a story in English that analyzes your data, surfaces what you need to know, and tells you what drove changes

Dig Deeper

Filter your story to specific things you care about, compare one data point to another, and more

Breakdown & Compare

Answer your own biggest data questions


Comment on stories to continue the conversation with your team


Easily communicate stories to your team and avoid unnecessary status meetings

Goal Setting

Write more impactful stories by including weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly goals

Mobile App

Know your data from anywhere

What Else Happened

Lexio tells you other things about your business that you may not already know

Get Started with Lexio

A quick chat is all we need to make sure you get the best experience possible, and then we’ll connect your data in under ten minutes so that you can try Lexio out yourself.

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