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Lexio Newsfeed: Analytics for people who hate analytics

Why a Newsfeed?

The way we work has changed. We aren’t just working from 9 to 5. We are working in the micro-moments of free time we get throughout our day. But the way we interact with our data does not align with this. In fact, many of us don’t look at our business data on a daily basis at all because, well, it’s annoying. So, we’re reimagining analytics for everyone – and building for this new way of work with Lexio.

How It Works

Your newsfeed consists of cards that are curated by Lexio based the bookmarks you have set as a user. Lexio, then, uses an ML engine to determine what cards are most relevant and useful to you on that particular day.

Start High Level, Then Go Deep

Start with bite-sized pieces of content that you can consume quickly and on the go. If you need to go deep, users can click on cards to dive deeper into the details.

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