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Let your team think analytically, without doing the analysis. Lexio summarizes your Marketing data for you so you can spend more time doing what you do best.

Know What’s Working As Quickly As Possible

Does data analysis slow your team down? Get the takeaways without the work so your team can respond as quickly as possible.

No More Sifting Through Data

Marketing has more data than ever – on average 10+ data sources growing every year. Sifting through this data with today’s tools and processes is becoming impossible, and marketing is leaning increasingly on AI to automate data discovery.

Easily Tie Marketing to Revenue

Marketing is today more than ever measured on what matters. Revenue, digital engagement, creation of demand, sales effectiveness, customer experience.

All of your favorite marketing data in one place

Confessions of a Creative Marketer: Being Data-Driven Doesn’t Have to Suck

A few years ago, our Director of Growth Marketing – Anna Walsh – almost quit Marketing forever. Check out her blog to hear her story of how she’s been continue to lean on her creative aspirations, while also being data-driven.

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