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Data Storytelling for Marketing Teams

Know what’s driving revenue. Spend time on what works. Be a growth engine.

Newsfeed for Your Marketing

Spreadsheets. Dashboards. Reports. The way we get our marketing data is built for a world that no longer exists.

To be a good marketer, you need to know what’s working, what’s not and why. Lexio turns data you care about – like web traffic, leads or sales pipeline – into easy-to-read stories that you can access from anywhere.

Your marketing data, in words

Your marketing data, but an experience like Apple News®. Instead of a dashboard, get a newsfeed. Instead of data viz, read plain language. Instead of being tied to your laptop, keep up with your business from your phone.

Stop the endless updates

With Lexio, everyone in your company works from the same data stories, so you and your team never need to  ‘pull the numbers’ or ‘write a quick summary’ ever again.

Drive Growth

Data stories aren’t about just marketing data. Know exactly what’s helping your sales team – and what’s not – with plain-English data stories that help you understand what drives the team’s success in seconds.

Know what's

Get stories about what's working in your team as easily as you get notifications from your favorite app.

Prioritize your

Don't spend hour analyzing numbers or interpreting data viz. Lexio will tell you what's changed, so you can make decisions quickly.

Always know the answer

There’s nothing worse than getting asked a question you should know the answer to. Instantly answer any data-related questions about the team.

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