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How to Try Lexio

Data-driven insights should accelerate growth, not slow you down. Dashboards and reports aren’t built to keep pace with the decisions your users need to make every day. Lexio is specifically built for where and how they want to consume information. Are you ready for it?

Give everyone on your team a personalized daily data briefing

With Lexio, you can give every business user an easy way to understand and use data every single day.

Try Lexio in 3 Easy Steps

Most analytics tools take months to get off the ground.

Not Lexio. Easily go from data to stories in days.

1. Let’s chat

In order to help you, we want to learn more about you! Schedule time with one of our Lexio enthusiasts below. We will ask you a few questions, show you how Lexio works, and decide together if it’s for you.

2. Read your stories

First, we identify your main goals that align with your organization’s strategic initiatives and determine the levers and drivers that will help you and your team hit those goals.

Then we connect your data (most commonly through a CSV upload), test your stories and allow you to explore them on your own or send to any other stakeholders that might want to see. 

3. Lexio changes your life

Just kidding… but not really. Once the trial period is over and you decide to bring Lexio into your organization, we will help you roll it out.

Because Lexio is easy to use and integrates with common work tools like email and chat, your users can start enjoying Lexio stories immediately. That’s the great thing about Lexio – all your users need to do is read!

Ready to get started?

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