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Web traffic reporting doesn't have to suck.

Let’s be honest — you hate reporting in Google Analytics.

It takes forever to find what you are looking for, or – worse – you need to wait on someone that’s trained in GA to give you what you want. That’s why we built Lexio for Google Analytics. With Lexio, you can instantly know how your website is performing without the headache. Get on the waitlist to be the first to try or check out our free interactive demo.

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Web traffic insights, as easy as your favorite newsfeed.

Lexio automatically turns your Google Analytics data into written stories, in the form of a newsfeed. That’s right. The data comes to you. On your phone, wherever you are.


Know what campaigns and channels drive traffic in real-time.

With Lexio, you will always know what drove traffic to your website – without any of the work.


No more digging through GA for simple metrics.

We take the work out of the equation. Pull up your Google Analytics stories and know how the website is doing in seconds.