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Dashboards don't drive business.

The role of the BI & Analytics team is changing faster than ever. As companies need to move faster to win, everyone needs data to make decisions daily. The current tools aren’t cutting it; it’s time to change or get left behind.

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Break the data adoption ceiling.

The role of the BI & analytics team has changed more in the past two years than in the previous 20 years combined. As companies need to move faster and faster to win, it means that everyone needs to make data-driven decisions every day. 

Not just analysts. Not just executives. Everyone. This means that your stakeholders – the people that need data insights every day – have increased by 100x (at least).

Your stakeholders are feeling the pain. Only 35% of dashboard users feel that they get insights that they can act on, and only 30% feel that their company is data-driven at all.

Data-driven cultures are not created through training.

Many companies believe that they can train their non-data-savvy business users to understand data better. To learn how to use the dashboards they built. They believe that the more people they train about data, the more data-driven they will be. 

In the end, this isn’t true, you get frustrated analysts training business users who would rather spend time on anything else. In order to finally get your whole company using data every day, data & analytics teams must focus on how they communicate data insights to their users.

Great analytics leaders know that they need to empower everyone – not just their team or their executives – with data every day. They know this means faster decisions, more revenue, etc.

It’s time to empower everyone with a new way.

Today’s successful data and analytics teams are providing an experience that makes it as easy as possible for their business users to understand and use data to make decisions every day. 

This not only improves the quality and speed of decisions made but also saves your analysts’ time and empowers your executives and business users to spend time on what they are great at – and what will accelerate the growth of your company.

So, we created a data storytelling product, Lexio, to help you do this.

Data analytics, reimagined.

Data storytelling is the fastest and easiest way to empower your business users with what they need to know to move your business forward.

Old World / Dashboards

New World / Data Storytelling

Complex user experience that requires interpretation; primarily data visualization

User experience is as easy to use as consumer apps; dynamic newsfeed and automated, language-first data stories

Generic dashboards are sent to large groups of people

Personalized data stories for every user

Users need to dig for what they want

Users are sent what they need to know to their email or phone

Impossible to look at data on your phone

Users can understand data anywhere

“Narrative Science hit a home-run with this product. It's giving me so much visibility. The biggest hurdle at OLA used to be transparency into our data. Now, with Lexio, I know what a month will look like before the end of month so I can raise a flag while it’s still happening.”

Martin Ramirez, CFO

“As we move more and more of our data into Salesforce, Lexio provides our business teams access to important trends and insights from that data in an easy to consume format. Lexio mobile access is key for our people on the go; allowing them to make informed decisions on a daily basis.”

Josh Batz, CTO

“We have connected our product usage and customer data to Lexio. The storytelling platform has helped us identify our customers that are in need of extra attention, features that are being used most often, as well as features that may not be meeting our customers needs. Using Lexio every day is a great way to stay on top of the changes in our data easily so there are less surprises.”

Subbu Viswanathan, Co-Founder and CEO