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Do you know if your team is spending time on the right things?

Every tool can provide insights that your go-to-market team needs to understand its impact on revenue. Despite the amount of data circling, the reality is that the impact of these teams is difficult to report on because the platforms are siloed (e.g. Google Analytics, Marketo, Salesforce, social media, Outreach, etc.)


Our technology turns overwhelming amounts of data into plain-English stories all within one platform. Check out the examples below.

Lexio Gallery

Lexio for Jobvite

Track Your High Performing Email Campaigns With Lexio For Outreach Data

Understand Where Your Leads Are Coming From With Lexio For Marketo

Identify Trends In Your Web Traffic Data With Lexio for Google Analytics

Know What's Working for Your Team with Lexio for Freshdesk

Understand Product Usage with Lexio for Mixpanel