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Data Storytelling for Executive Teams

Know your business without all of the work

Apple News® for
Your Business

The way we get our business data – spreadsheets, dashboards, reports – are built for a world that no longer exists.

Lexio turns your team’s data into easy-to-read stories. Instead of a dashboard, get a newsfeed. Instead of data viz, read plain language. Instead of data analysis being a specialized skill, empower your entire company.

Never ask how the team is doing again

Your teams should be focused on what they do best – running the business. With Lexio, you will always know how the team is doing, who they are selling to, and more – without having to ask.

Get the real story

Sometimes it can be hard to get a straight answer on how the team is doing. Lexio is completely objective, telling you exactly what’s going on, without any of the fluff.

Empower everyone

For everyone in your company to make better business decisions, they need access to your business data – in a way they can actually consume it.


With Lexio, your employees can spend time on strategy and execution, not wrangling spreadsheets or interpreting dashboards.

Know where
to help

It’s hard to know how all of your teams are doing. Lexio will tell you, so you can help the team where they need it most.


With Lexio, keep everyone on the same page, working from the most up-to-date data. No matter where they are.

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