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Imagine if dashboards were actionable. easy to use. personalized. contextualized. mobile-friendly. proactive.

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Dashboards need a reset

Dashboards are considered the best way to communicate information today. They combine pretty data visualizations with some language capability and maybe the ability to search.

The problem is that they aren’t easy or understandable for the people that actually need them – the business users.

Business users deserve better

Dashboards are complicated. Even just for the basic stuff,  business users have a hard time figuring out how to use them.

Then, we have analysts stuck in a constant loop of explaining the dashboards they create to their business users.

Search doesn’t solve the problem

If business users don’t understand data visualizations in the first place, how are they going to know what question to ask? 

And how will it help if the answer to those searches also comes in a dashboard?

We’re redefining what analytics can be.

We set out to make an analytics product that's easier than any dashboard has ever been. We’re reimagining the analytics experience so that you can proactively send personalized data insights to everyone in your company. Every day.

So everyone can use data to make decisions. So everyone can drive change. So you can fully utilize your data investments. So you can move your company forward faster than ever before.

This is data storytelling. This is Lexio.

Stories make data understandable for everyone

Dashboards rely on data visualizations – with no other context – to explain data to businesspeople that do not spend time in the numbers everyday. 

Lexio turns data into written insights that anyone can read, automatically.

Bring data insights to users, instead of forcing them to dig

Dashboards aren’t real time and force users to dig and interpret.

Lexio brings what your users need to know to them, in a way they actually understand.

Give everyone information for their specific needs

Dashboards are limited by the user’s knowledge of what to look for or what questions to ask. 

With Lexio, every business user gets personalized data stories – and even suggestions on what to read next.

Where your users already work

Some business intelligence platforms have mobile experience, but they are just plain hard to use.

Lexio is built to be just as usable and easy on a phone. Whether the business user is on the road, on a plane, or running around a shop floor, Lexio pushes them answers about business data in a way that they will understand.

Data analytics, reimagined.

Data storytelling is the fastest and easiest way to empower your business users with what they need to know to move your business forward.


Data Storytelling

Provides insights as visualizations

Delivers insights as easy-to-understand, plain language stories

Dashboards are often static or dated

Provides the most up-to-date insights in a familiar newsfeed UI

Relies on user's ability to interpret data visualizations

Provides objective insights that everyone can understand, leaving no room for interpretation

Delivers generic dashboards built for many

Personalized for each user

Hard to use on a mobile device

As easy to use as any consumer app

Requires users to know what question to ask

Anticipates the user's next question, and automatically surfaces the answer

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