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Data Storytelling for Analytics Teams

Empower your people. Get less questions. Drive better results.

Newsfeed for Your Business

Pulling numbers. Building dashboards. Answering questions. Rinse, repeat. Keeping the team informed can result in a never-ending to-do list.

Lexio turns your business data into easy-to-read stories. Instead of dashboards, give your team the information they need in a way they can actually consume it – in words, on their phones, in the form of a newsfeed.

Reporting doesn’t have to take forever

Data moves fast. Keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on can be… really tedious. With Lexio, you don’t need to write out manual reports – Lexio will do it for you, freeing up your time to be spent on strategy.

Automated Real-Time
Business Updates

With Lexio, you don’t need to dig through your team’s tools to get the data you need. Lexio analyzes it and tells everyone what’s changed, so you don’t have to.

Keep the Team Informed
from Anywhere

If your team is always on the go, keeping them informed about the business can be really difficult. The Lexio app helps you keep everyone up-to-date and on the same page from anywhere.

Stories mean
clean data

With Lexio, anyone can read how the team is doing, so it's easy to tell if data is off or needs to be inputted.

Stop the

Nothing kills your day faster than a bunch of ad-hoc questions. With Lexio, anyone can answer their own data questions at any time.

Empower your

Empower everyone to make better business decisions by giving them access to business data in a way they can actually consume it.

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