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Empower Your Workforce With Analytics Built For Them

Lexio lets anyone in your organization understand the metrics that matter, with an experience built for the frontline worker. Keep your business informed without the friction and communication churn.

For The Business: Analytics Designed For Non Analysts

Give your users a tool they will love. Lexio is easy, smart and actionable so anyone can keep a pulse on their business without drowning in the data.

For Analysts: Create Custom Feeds From 100s Of Data Sources

Every user is different. Make sure they have the data, insights and KPIs they need to be successful.

For Analysts: A Smart Configuration That Gets Smarter Over Time

Lexio’s knowledge base makes configuring your data painless the first time, and it learns over time so creating new stories only gets easier.

For Analysts: Reduce Your Backlog Of One-Off Requests

When your users are answering questions on their own, that means time back on your calendar. Lexio makes sure the takeaways are clear and accessible, so you don’t have to.

Reporting doesn’t have to take forever

Data moves fast. Keeping everyone up to date on what’s going on can be… really tedious. With Lexio, you don’t need to write out manual reports – Lexio will do it for you, freeing up your time to be spent on strategy.

[Gartner] The Decline of the Dashboard

Gartner Releases Top Ten Trends in Data Analytics for 2020

“By 2025, data stories will be the most widespread way of consuming analytics, and 75% of stories will be automatically generated using augmented analytics techniques.”

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