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Meet your new analytics assistant.

Lexio is like giving everyone a personal analyst. It shares notable changes in your data, keeps your business users up-to-date on the status of their goals, and empowers them to take action – all on their own.

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Give your team answers.
Not dashboards.

Today’s BI tools take too much time to interpret resulting in low adoption and an over-reliance on “data people” to field reporting questions all-day.

Lexio shares insights in a format that doesn’t require interpretation: stories.  It’s a “single source of truth” that business users can easily use to make smarter, educated decisions.

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It's a personalized analytics experience that scales.

Only 31% of companies say they’re actually data-driven and analysts are spending 60% of their time on remedial, reporting tasks.

With Lexio, you free up time for your analytics team and empower business users to take action – win-win. Each day, it anticipates what a user needs to know, updates the status of their goals, and guides them toward relevant data stories so they can act.

Connect with your current analytics tools & processes.

Business data can live in a lot of different places. With Lexio, it’s easy to connect to your data no matter where it lives. 

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Lexio empowers everyone at your company with insights. Schedule a personalized look at how Lexio could help you organization and where to start with a product specialist.

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What people are saying about Lexio

“Lexio is changing and getting better daily, between the value the product delivers today, the continuous product innovation, and the Lexio team's willingness to partner, we know we are in good hands with Narrative Science."”

Matt Davis

“Imagine this: take all of your data and instead of showing charts that you think are great and pivot tables that kept you up at night...imagine if you told a story. In my experience, telling a story using data is much more powerful.”

Ray Miller

“We anticipate that when our operational workers use Lexio to inform their decision making they will be able to know the impact of their decision making in real time – we will be able to objectively debate if the decisions we are making are generating more revenue or suppressing our revenue. I truly expect Lexio to impact all of our people in their daily decision making.”

Josh Batz