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Lexio Group Demo Series

No pressure. No frills. Just a casual conversation with our team about all things data storytelling.


Every two weeks, Anna Schena Walsh, Head of Marketing at Narrative Science, leads a 30-minute conversation with a different guest, including a demo of our data storytelling product, Lexio.


Topics include:

      • Is data storytelling for me? What do I need to get started? 
      • What types of use cases do we commonly see? 
      • How can executives use data storytelling to drive a data-driven culture?


Register for one of our upcoming dates:


Wednesday, December 1st at 1pm CST – ‘Data For Non-Data People’ Let’s face it. Most people at your organization either don’t log into dashboards or they don’t know how to interpret or gather meaningful insights from data. And you shouldn’t expect everyone to do so. That’s why we built Lexio. Join this webinar to learn how our data storytelling product, Lexio, can be the gateway to providing actionable insights to every corner of your business.