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Lexio for Business Leaders Get the answers
without the headache

Stop staying up late at night trying to understand your data in dashboards – and forcing everyone that works for you to do the same. Instead, give your team an automated daily data briefing. In plain English, right to their inbox. Written specifically for them. Every day.

You need your team making decisions on data, not gut

It’s time to bring what’s changed in your team’s data directly to them, in a way they understand. Before, you had to rely on your team ‘reading’ spreadsheets or dashboards. Now, you rest easy knowing that they are making informed decisions every day using automated data storytelling.

No one will miss an insight again

Lexio will notify you of what’s changed and interesting data trends, ensuring your team doesn't miss anything buried in your dashboards

Make it easy to take action

In Lexio, your team can dig deeper to learn more about a certain data trend or comment to start a conversation with a colleague

Built for how your team works

Lexio’s mobile app and integrations with chat and email ensure that your team will get started quickly - and will continue using it

Getting Started is Easy

Forget months-long implementation.

Bring your team data stories within days.

1. Choose who needs data storytelling the most.

Gather a group that makes a lot of decisions that impact the outcome of your business, but aren’t given data insights as often or as understandably as they should be. This may be your field sales team, call center, or more.

2. Identify what they care about

We will help you set up personalized daily data briefings for every user. They will cover how they are tracking, what’s changed, and what to look into – every day.

3. Empower your team.

Give your team Lexio to help them make data-driven decisions every day. We will be with you every step of the way to ensure you and your company are successful.

See for yourself.

Get a personalized 1:1 demo, and get your own data stories within days.