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The Art and Science of Communicating Data

Below you will find all the on-demand recordings for Humanalytics!

9:30-9:50a CT | Moving the Needle: Measuring the Impact of your Data

Join Donald Farmer, Principal at Treehive Strategy as he talks about how to get value from our data and analytics assets. 

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10-10:20a CT | Start with the People: A Shot at Improving the Data Adoption Rate at Your Company

Featuring, Majken Sander,  Senior BI Consultant, Head of Analytics, Digital Transformation Manager. In this session, you will hear about two approaches to improve the data adoption rate at your company.

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10:30-11:10a CT | [Panel] Beyond BI: Tools Can’t Take Action, People Do

During this panel,  data leaders will share their advice on the people work in analytics.


Teddy Griffin, Head of Customer Success at Narrative Science


Bruno Reis, Enterprise BI Manager- Howmet Aerospace

Frank Coates, Executive Managing Director at Envestnet|Yodlee Analytics

Brandee Sanders, Senior Director of Marketing Operations of Appetize

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On Demand: CXO Short Stories: Leading with Data ft. Brian Gentile

Featuring Narrative Science CEO + Co-founder, Stuart B. Frankel, in conversation with Brian Gentile about their successful careers in technology and how data helped shape them.

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On Demand: The Future of Work in Data + Analytics

At this special event, you’ll learn from Nate Nichols, Chief Scientist at Narrative Science, about:

– How AI technology will influence the future of work in analytics

– How to make your data more valuable across the organization

– And the challenges with traditional BI tools

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On Demand: Leading with Data Live Episode with Kam Lee

Featuring Kam Lee, Data Science & Growth Marketing Lead, for a live episode of our new podcast: Leading with Data.

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Lexio Only Logo

11:50-12:10p CT | [Product Showcase] How Data Storytelling Will Close Your Data Adoption Gap Forever

Introducing Lexio, our newest revolutionary data storytelling product.

Lexio is humanizing analytics through automated data storytelling. Lexio provides data insights in an entirely new user experience specifically built for business people that need data to make decisions, but don’t do data analysis as their day job.

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12:20- 1p CT | [Panel] The Most Important Piece to the Adoption Puzzle: Data Storytelling

During this panel, you will hear advice from data experts on how telling stories with data has improved their business.


Cassidy Shield, VP of Marketing at Narrative Science


Kimberly Herrington

Sunita Menon, Global Data Executive

Leslie Squires Gimple, Senior Manager, Reporting and Analytics at Rackspace

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1:10-1:30p CT | The Power of the Narrative Paradigm

Featuring Charlie Dunn, Project Storyteller at DPR. This is not just another talk about data and dashboards. From timeless principles for better narration to modern media for better storytelling, we will look at examples of data insights that are changing the way we do business today.

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1:40-2p CT | Change Management: The Other Half of the Data Equation

Join Joe Payne, VP of Client Experience at RevUnit and Courtney Smith, Sr. UX Designer at RevUnit as they talk about the balancing act of effectively managing data, decisions, and people.

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2:10-2:30p CT | Unlocking the Social Determinants of Health

Featuring Jamie Bono, Managing Partner & CTO at rprt in conversation with the President of Narrative Science, Nick Beil about how social data can have a tremendous impact on global health.

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2:40-3:00p CT | How to Operationalize AI in the Enterprise: An Interview with the Chief Innovation Officer of Data & Analytics at Cisco

Featuring Darius Gant, Founder of Tesoro AI in conversation with Christian Vogt, Chief Innovation Officer of Data & Analytics at Cisco  to explore how technical and business leaders can get the most out of artificial intelligence.

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3:10-3:30p CT | Discovering Teams-First Mar-Tech Optimization

Featuring Matt Butler, Cofounder, Bonsai Data Solutions and Audrey Bower, Director of Marketing Analytics,  In this session you will hear about Bonsai’s partnership with Ancestry, in particular, their work optimizing Ancestry’s marketing technology infrastructure and architecture for maximum business value. Key to their impact was an emphasis on evaluating the human element: satisfaction, training, preference and trust.

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3:40-4p CT | How the PGA TOUR Uses Data Storytelling to Engage With Their Audience

Join VP of Sales at Narrative Science, Matt Bramson, in conversation with Brendan Morley of the PGA TOUR to talk about how data storytelling helps the PGA TOUR interact and engage their audience.

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4:10- 4:50p CT | How Former Tableau CMO, Elissa Fink, Used Data-informed Decision Making to Grow the Company from Millions to Billions

Featuring Elissa Fink, Former CMO at Tableau and Board Member in conversation with Narrative Science about how data-driven decision making led to success at Tableau.

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