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Drive real change with data

Instead of forcing teams to go find answers in dashboards they aren’t using, give them actionable data insights. That they actually understand. Integrated into their workflow. Every day.


Connect Your Data

Connect to your cloud data warehouse, database, or business applications


Give Us Some Context

Map your data to Lexio's Ontology and your business context, such as your KPIs and goals

Lexio's Authoring Engine determines what to write based on what question your users want to answer

Lexio runs relevant analytics and uses natural language generation (NLG) to translate results into a story


Give Your Users Insights

Lexio delivers a data storytelling user experience personalized for each of your users

Daily Brief with what's happened, what's notable, and how they are tracking

Augmented data discovery to dig deeper into what happened and why


Empower Action

Comment to add context or ask a question

Share stories with your colleagues

Get notified about notable changes in your data

Where to Start

Streamline executive reporting – Executives just aren’t logging into dashboards. Lexio brings them data insights in a format they will actually use.

Expand data visibility – Bring data insights across your entire team, so all of your users can make data-based decisions on hitting your goals faster.

What Lexio is Not

A tool for one-time or infrequent analysis. Lexio is intentionally designed to be the easiest and fastest way for business users to understand their operational metrics every single day.