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Here is what you need to know to engage with Narrative Science:

  1. What do we do? Our technology uses AI to automatically turn data into easy-to-understand reports, transform statistics into stories, and convert numbers into knowledge.  Learn how
  2. Schedule a meeting with our experts by requesting a time
  3. Data storytelling is at the core of why we exist as a company.  Learn why we feel stories are the interface of the past, present, and future 
  4. Check out our product page to see the demos and collateral we shared in booth #129 in the exhibit hall
  5. What is Quill? – for your high-value analysts who work with data all day we automate the manual and repetitive reporting they do with our intelligent automation product. Quill works really well for high volume, repetitive reporting where you either need to tailor the language for your specifics needs – such as Finance or Compliance reporting – or where you want to standardize the reporting across many users, such as in Business Intelligence dashboards.  Learn more about it
  6. What is Lexio? – for everyone else who isn’t an analyst but need to understand and communicate data effectively to do their jobs – we have created Lexio. Lexio is our new product in Beta that instantly translates your business data into plain-English stories. Our first application is for sales and connects to your Salesforce Sales Cloud where you can go from data to story in seconds.  Join the beta
  7. Specific for BI tools, see how we natively embed stories in Power BI, Tableau, Qlik Sense and other data visualizations 
  8. Do something fun the next time you’re in Orlando. Last but not least, with a full schedule at the event, you didn’t have much time for yourself. So here are some ideas for your return trip.
  • Check out Disney Springs and Boardwalk (6 mins away)
  • There are always the quintessential theme parks:  Magic Kingdom (10 mins), Epcot (9 mins), SeaWorld (14 mins), and Universal Studios (20 mins)
  • If theme parks aren’t your thing, check out the Kennedy Space Center (60 mins) or head into Downtown Orlando for the Henry P Leu Gardens and Orlando Brewing Company (20 mins)

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