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Season 1 Episodes

Ep.1 He Wrote the Book on Data Storytelling

May 21, 2020

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Ep 2. The Reason Your Dashboard Isn't Used (& How to Fix It)

The problem: we expect everyone to adapt and be able to analyze and explore our visualizations. The reality: you’re forcing end-users to adapt to the viz rather than adapting it to their needs. In this episode, we’ll take an audience-first approach to dashboard creation in Power BI.

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Ep 3. Who are the Characters in Your Data Story?

Every story has characters. In an effective data story, they are the business priorities (e.g. relationships, markets, brands, and offerings). Tune in for a conversation with Scott Taylor, The Data Whisperer, about improving your data storytelling by finding the right characters.

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Ep. 4 The Key to Data Adoption is Your Sales Pitch with Nick Kelly

Selling your data story is just as important as the work put in to create it. You need to conduct user interviews, set expectations with your stakeholders, and stress the benefits of efficiency and transparency in order to make the data actually impactful. In this episode, we’re chatting with Nick Kelly, about the tips and tricks you can use to sell your data story and improve adoption.

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