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Season 1 Episodes

Ep.1 He Wrote the Book on Data Storytelling with Brent Dykes

In this episode, we spoke with Brent Dykes the author of Effective Data Storytelling: How to Drive Change with Data, Narrative, and Visuals about why narrative is crucial to data storytelling.

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Ep.2 The Reason Your Dashboard Isn’t Used (& How to Fix It) with Tommy Puglia

In this episode, we explored an audience-first approach to dashboard creation with Microsoft MVP Tommy Puglia.

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Ep 3. Who are the Characters in Your Data Story?

Every story has characters. In an effective data story, they are the business priorities (e.g. relationships, markets, brands, and offerings).

In this episode, we explored the characters behind your data story and data management with Scott Taylor.

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Ep. 4 The Future of Work: Applying Artificial Intelligence to Your Data Leads to a Culture of Openness & Empowerment

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is advancing rapidly, and improvements in three key areas–learning, human communication, and empathy–will help define the future of work. In this episode, we discuss what your own work might look like in the future, as well as how you can prepare and thrive in this new environment.

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Ep. 5 The Key to Adoption is Your Sales Pitch with Nick Kelly

Selling your data story is just as important as the work put in to create it.

In this episode, we’re joined by Nicholas Kelly, Director of Analytics at Logic2020, to talk about the tips and tricks you can use to sell your data story and improve adoption.

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Ep. 6 Building Digital Trust & The Role of Ethics in Data Storytelling with Lexy Kassan

Apple and Facebook using your user data to track the spread of COVID-19. Colleges faking data to improve rankings. A sales manager manipulating the numbers so they “look good”.

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the ethical and privacy implications of collecting, managing, and distributing data with Lexy Kassan from The Data Science Ethics Podcast.

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Ep. 7 Funnel Vision: Why Rev Ops is the Key to Understanding the Story Behind Your Data

Cassidy is joined by the cofounders of Mud City, a sales and operations agency to talk about data-driven growth.

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Ep 8. Making Data Driven Pivots & Other RevOps Tips for Transformative Times

In this episode, Cassidy is joined by Zack Blois from Jellyvision to talk about forecasting, when it’s okay to make a data-driven pivot, and tips for Revenue teams during transformative times.

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