Easily connect to all of your data

Business data can live in a lot of different places.
With Lexio, it’s easy to connect to your data no matter where it lives.


Connect Data

Connect to your cloud data warehouse, business intelligence platforms,
ELT & ETL tools, or business applications


Understand Context

Data is mapped to Lexio's Ontology and your business context, such as your KPIs and goals

Lexio's Authoring Engine determines what to write based on what question the user wants to answer

Lexio runs relevant analytics and uses natural language generation (NLG) to translate results into a story


Deliver Insights

Lexio delivers a data storytelling user experience personalized for each of your users

Daily Brief with what's happened, what's notable, and how they are tracking

Augmented data discovery to dig deeper into what happened and why


Empower Action



Get Notified

Who we connect with

Data Warehouses, Databases, & BI

Business Applications

ELT & ETL Tools

Don’t see your data source above? Reach out to us to learn more about how to connect your data to Lexio.

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