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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: How to Drive Disruptive Innovation at Large Enterprises

If you are in business today, you have no choice but to embrace transformation. Join this fireside chat with the CTO of Nokia + President of Bell Labs, Marcus Weldon hosted by Narrative Science VP of Marketing, Cassidy Shield, as they talk through what most leaders get wrong about driving innovation and how not to be left behind.

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Humanize AI and Infused Analytics Everywhere

In this session, hear from Guy Levy-Yurista, Chief Strategy Officer at Sisense, about humanizing data and revolutionizing how we interact with AI.

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Connect Data and Consumer Insights to Drive Real Business Transformation

Join Dr. Rajkumar Venkatesan, marketing analytics expert, to learn about real, easily implemented strategies to efficiently use both consumer and data insights to drive change at your organization.

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How to Identify & Break Down Analytics Silos

Organizations face 3 primary challenges when deploying advanced analytics – data silos, language barriers, & tooling. Making data science business-relevant requires bridging the analytics gap between BI and ML teams. In this session, we will show you how to identify the key characteristics of “analytics silos” and offer strategies for breaking them down.

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Teaching Machines to Tell Data Stories to Humans: the End of Self-Service Analytics

James Richardson, Research Director at Gartner, will answer the following questions:
– How can data storytelling techniques boost decision-makers’ engagement with data?
– What are the shortfalls in human-made data stories?
– How is literary criticism helping machines learn to tell data stories?
– How might automated ML/AI-based data storytelling change how analytics is done?

* Note: This session was only available live.

ETL Isn't Just for Data Scientists: How to Solve Hard Data Problems with Simple User Experience

ETL isn’t just for data scientists anymore. Customers, product teams, implementation teams, and more all need it. Join this fireside chat with the CEO of Flatfile, David Boskovic hosted by Narrative Science Sr Director of Customer Success, Teddy Griffin, as they talk through how to solve the hard data problems for the non-data scientists in your organization.

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Why People Aren't Using Your Data Insights and What to Do About It

In order to drive change through data, you need people to both understand it and actually use it to make new, better decisions. Join Scott Francis, Solutions Architect at AWS, to learn how to put your data insights into a strategic narrative using the Hero’s Journey framework.

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Data Storytelling and Driving Change Through Data (Panel)

A panel of business leaders share their advice on how they have driven innovation through creating a data culture. Featuring: 

– Josh Batz, CTO at Fike Corporation 

– Keith Westman, COO for Otus

– Tanya Gay, VP of Operations & Strategy at WhiteHat Security 

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Driving Change Starts with Culture

Join Elissa Fink, former CMO of Tableau, to learn about how to truly drive a data-driven culture in your organization, and how that is what leads to real and tangible change.

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It's Not The Tool, It's The Relationship

Hear from Donald Farmer, Principal at Treehive Strategy, about why and how your vendor relationships can make or break your success.

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Data + Analytics Career Growth Panel

A panel of leaders in the data and analytics space share their learnings about how they have navigated their careers and what they have learned along the way.

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With our product, Lexio, you can turn your data into interactive stories, making analytics easy and accessible for everyone.

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“But what about [X]?”: Why Analytics Isn't Actionable & What To Do About It

Despite today’s data-rich business environment, analytics often doesn’t drive meaningful organizational change. Join Bonsai Data Solutions co-founder Matt Butler for an honest conversation about why great data science and analytics fails to influence decision making, and some simple, practical steps to improve the “changemaking” impact of data at your company.

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Applying Agile Principles to Your Data Initiative

Real change doesn’t happen all at once. Especially in large organizations. Doug will share best practices as he’s applied agile principles to data work inside some of the world’s largest organizations to create change, faster.

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Curiosity & Compassion: Using Stories to Make Data Science More Powerful

Curiosity and compassion to uncover the story is key to augmenting analytics strategy and maximizing the effectiveness of your results. Hear from Dr. Uohna Thiessen about how to:

– Clean dirty data

– Make sense of the business problem and discern the appropriate KPI

– Understand the structure of the data and choose the appropriate algorithm

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To Improve, Is To Change

Data storytellers and changemakers have a promising landscape of new tools and strategies.  But how do we succeed with the change? Charlie Dunn, Project Storyteller at DPR Construction, will guide viewers through a practical session, with stories of success and learning (otherwise known as failure) to bring change and create action with data.

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