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COVID-19 Data Stories in our product, Lexio, pictured above.

As the COVID-19 (coronavirus) public health crisis impacts our world, it is harder than ever to stay informed. Right now, it’s essential to have reliable and unbiased resources to help keep your families, friends, and coworkers informed and safe. Our technology does just that, turning overwhelming amounts of data into plain-English stories. We took the Coronavirus datasets from the World Health Organization and Johns Hopkins and created data stories in our products.

These stories are free, shareable, and updated every single day. Feel free to share this page, or any of the links below, with your loved ones. Stay safe out there, everyone.

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Disclaimer: The data in our COVID-19 stories use the JHU dataset, which powers the Johns Hopkins COVID-19 Dashboard. While the dashboard updates in real time, the JHU dataset is updated once per day at midnight GMT. “New” cases, deaths and recoveries are calculated by taking the total cases, deaths and recoveries from the dataset and subtracting the total from the previous day.