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February 13, 2020

Lexio is bringing your business data to you

Chicago, February 13, 2020 —Narrative Science, a data storytelling company, announced the launch of its product, Lexio – the newsfeed for your business. Lexio is the easiest and fastest way for you to understand your business by the numbers, giving you curated, up-to-date stories about your data anytime and anywhere. The product ingests your Salesforce data and applies it’s patented artificial intelligence technology to surface the most relevant information and insights. Soon, the product will expand to other data sources, such as Hubspot, Google Analytics, and morel.

A recent Deloitte survey outlined that the majority of executives are not comfortable accessing or using data. This is because work is rapidly changing and the data analytics tools available do not match this new, faster-paced way of working. Today, to make data driven decisions,, you need to sit at a desk, dig through a dashboard, and use analytical skills to get the necessary information..

“We aren’t just working from 9-5; we are working in all of the small micro-moments of free time we get throughout our day. The way we experience sales data does not align with this new way we work.” said CEO Stuart B. Frankel. “So, we’re reimagining analytics for everyone – and building it for how we work today with Lexio”.

Lexio is a unique tool that allows businesses to have all of the sales insights they need without all of the analysis. It functions as a newsfeed, bringing data to business people in a way anyone can understand – as stories – instead of making them hunt through dashboards or analyze spreadsheets. Now, everyone can actually know what’s going on in their business, all the time.