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Narrative Science's Campside Cookbook

A collective of summer recipes from your favorite campers & friends at Narrative Science.

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Logic 2020's KPI Creation Process E-Book

Learn how to map out dashboard success, avoid common roadblocks to dashboard adoption and streamline dashboard creation from Logic2020’s e-book “The KPI Creation Process.”

Download the ebook “The KPI Creation Process”

Adam Goyette's Free 6-Week Marketing Workshop

Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at Help Scout, shares his free 6-week marketing workshop hosted by Adam and Jesse Rowe of G2. Six easy digestible sessions that will teach you exactly how to rapidly scale any business!

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Narrative Science's Let Your People Be People Book

Download your digital copy to get 36 ways to use storytelling to transform your business, uplift your employees, and ultimately let your biggest asset—your people—be more human.

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Ethan Beute's Guides to Video

Ethan Beute, Chief Evangelist from BombBomb, shares three helpful guides – “Salesperson’s Guide to Video,” “Get Comfortable on Camera” and “Sales Video Playbook.”

Download the Salesperson’s Guide to Video by BombBomb

Download the guide “Get Comfortable on Camera” by BombBomb 

Watch the “Sales Video Playbook” by BombBomb

Lexio Coloring Book

We’re all spending more time at home than ever and many of us are working while taking care of our kids. Download this fun quarantine activity and color your favorite Lexio characters with our printable coloring book for all ages (yes, even adults).

Download the Printable Coloring Book

Jim Lecinski's "AI Marketing Canvas"

Jim Lecinski, Associate Professor of Marketing at Northwestern University, shares “The AI Marketing Canvas.” Learn how Machine Learning is different from traditional computing, what stage of the AI Marketing Canvas your organization is in, and how to help rollout an AI Marketing program of your own.

Download the handout to learn more

Rishad Tobaccowala's "The Great Re-Invention" E-Book

One way to frame the impact of the Covid-19 tragedy is to think about it as the start of the Great Re-invention. Of Business, Of Government, Of Society. And of our ourselves. Rishad Tobaccowala, author, speaker and Chief Growth Officer, shares how to “address fragility, sculpt resilience and resurrect now!”

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The Ultimate Summer Camp Playlist

Travel back to summer camp with these fresh tunes compiled by Narrative Scientists.

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Dave Peterson's Play Bigger Lightning Strike Mobilization Kit

Dave Peterson, author of Play Bigger, shares “The Play Bigger Lightning Strike Mobilization Kit” is a practical field guide to the execution phase of category design. The Kit is specifically created for the person assigned to plan and execute their company’s first lightning strike and will also help various members of the strike team understand all the moving parts of lightning strike planning, mobilization, and execution.

Download “The Play Bigger Lightning Strike Mobilization Kit”

Cocktail Recipes from Bartender Abides

Recreate the cocktails from Bartender Abides’ virtual class at your next happy hour.

Download the Bartender Abides recipe cards 

InVision's Guide to "Remote Work for Design Teams"

Elle Woulfe, VP of Growth Marketing at InVision, shares a guide to learn the best practices for running a remote design team, and discover how designers can help teams collaborate while working apart. This book was written the team at InVision, a fully distributed remote workforce since 2011.

Read InVisions Guide to Remote Work

Camp Revenue Reading List

Check out all of our speaker’s recommended books from our Camp Revenue giveaways.

Check out the reading list curated by our speakers

The Art of Being Millennial Minded Podcast With Zebra Technologies CMO Jeff Schmitz

For years, the notion of being a millennial has garnered varying degrees of responses. For Jeff Schmitz, the CMO of Zebra Technologies, the millennial mindset is what he’s attempting to instill in his clients. On this episode of Marketing Trends, Jeff sat down and chatted about how Zebra Technologies is helping the healthcare industry and essential workers everywhere operate more efficiently, how a partnership with the NFL is pushing the sport forward, and why it’s time everyone starts thinking like a millennial.

Listen to the episode on to the “Marketing Trends” podcast


Exclusive Access to the First Chapter of "Effective Data Storytelling"

Read the first chapter of Effective Data Storytelling by Brent Dykes for free!

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Devin Reed's Assets for Salespeople

Devin Reed, manager of content strategy at Gong, makes light of what people really think about sales people, what it’s really like to be a salesperson, and how cursing impacts sales.

Read  “Startling Truth How Cursing Impacts Sales”

Watch”What do you think about Sales People?” video

Watch the “Sales and the City” Video


Zack Mazzoncini's Data Story Academy Tools Guide

Learn how to transform confusing data into stories that create clarity & inspire action from Zack Mazzoncini, founder of Data Story Academy, in the “Data Story Academy Tools Guide.”

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Free Lexio License

Lexio is designed to humanize analytics for ‘front line workers’ like marketers via data storytelling.

Try out Lexio for free by emailing directly or auto-generate an email by clicking this link.