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Blog Scaling Businesses, Inspiring Your Team, & Uncovering What Works with Dan Hanrahan

In this session from Camp Revenue, you’ll join Stuart Frankel, CEO & Cofounder of Narrative, and Dan Hanrahan, Founder of Haulstr & Sigstr, for a Fireside Chat about founding and scaling businesses, inspiring your team to do their best work, and letting your people be people.

Key insights from the session:

Being the head of a startup can seem daunting and also like a once in a lifetime opportunity. For Dan Hanrahan, it is an experience he has chased throughout his career and will continue to chase in the future. Dan has been the head of multiple startups and he now has a playbook of tips for those doing the same.

You don’t have to be good at everything
Knowing what you aren’t good at can be a strength as long as you can leverage that insight in the hiring process. Surrounding yourself with people who cover your personal blind spots is a surefire path to success in a startup.

Inspiration can come from anywhere
The most often asked question of entrepreneurs is where they get the ideas for new businesses. Dan says there is no set path for coming up with ideas. Sometimes it comes from a place of pure problem solving, other times it comes by accident and sometimes, yes, it does just feel like getting hit with a bolt of lightning.

Do you know people who can help you?
You might be a founder but you don’t do it alone. Utilize the people in your personal and professional network. There is no shame in asking for advice or help from people you know. Everyone you know has a unique set of skills, utilize it.

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