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January 30, 2020

Tell a Good Story in the Interview

By: Cassie Turk

That’s one of the best pieces of advice I have as a recruiter

I’ve spent my career in recruitment. I love learning about people’s stories and then connecting them with opportunities that enable their growth. A good story will help a recruiter remember you and help you stand apart from other candidates. Hearing people tell me about themselves, their journey and their passions gives us a connection right off the bat.

To say that I am a “people person” would be an understatement.

When I learned my colleagues Anna Schena Walsh and Nathan Nichols wrote a book about storytelling and people, I was intrigued and proud. And then I read it…twice (because it’s that good). I was reminded of something very important in Part 15:  Celebrate the journey. 

“The more you share and celebrate the journey, and the more you ask about others’ journeys, the more your brain is conditioned not to focus on just the outcomes.  You can truly celebrate your journey every day- no matter how great, or terrible, work may be that day.”

This speaks my language

Some days are better than others. Everyone has good and bad days, but one thing is for certain, everyone has a unique journey. It’s important to celebrate those journeys. Getting this reminder has made me a better recruiter, storyteller, colleague, and friend. I’m choosing to celebrate the journey every day for myself and for others.

I’m lucky and very happy to be working for a company that truly lets its people be people.

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