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August 30, 2018

Storytelling Is Getting All The Attention

By: Shawn Parks

And rightfully so.

There has been a focus on communicating with sentences – spoken or written – over slides and spreadsheets. Let’s call it a “re-focus”. Humans have been communicating with narratives for a lot longer than we’ve been (attempting to) with slides and spreadsheets. From Buffet to Jobs, Branson to Musk, and Bezos to Pichai, the revered minds in business are advocating a general theme: tell more stories.

Here at Narrative Science, we have been doing our part. We have been since our inception. Now we are in the next phase of our journey by augmenting your business intelligence investment.

Our Quill Extension for Tableau instantly explains Tableau dashboards as written stories – no configuration needed. The stories adjust as analysts explore the data, empowering them to identify and communicate key insights faster. This integration has been natively built for Tableau’s Extension API.

The extension generates stories in three clicks with a simple drag and drop object. Once generated, the story recognizes dimensions and measures, therefore uncovering analyst quality insights that may be hidden in the visualization.