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February 21, 2019

A Peek Into Our Newest Product: Lexio

By: Anna Schena
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As we mentioned in our last blog post, Narrative Science has continually set out to help everyone, regardless of skill set, understand and communicate data effectively. In every company, a large percentage of people don’t have the time or skills needed to use data in an efficient way.

At Narrative Science, we know everyone is not a data person. In fact, most people aren’t. So… we built Lexio.

What is Lexio?

Lexio is an AI product that turns business data into plain-English stories, giving your employees the context and knowledge they need to make better decisions faster. Lexio automatically analyzes your data, surfaces relevant information, and writes a personalized story that anyone on your team can understand.

Available on desktop or mobile, users can interact with Lexio directly to read stories about different slices of the data or explore follow-up questions. As Lexio learns more about your organization, it focuses its writing on the most impactful insights that will lead to better decisions and positive outcomes within your company.

Lexio for Sales

We know that the sales team is the heart of every company. That’s why our first Lexio application is purpose-built to help sales teams quickly and easily communicate their performance to anyone in the organization.

The Lexio Sales Application will connect directly to Salesforce Sales Cloud, enabling you to go from data to stories in seconds.

Lexio on phone

What can you do with Lexio?

Get your team focused on selling

Easily share easy-to-understand stories about sales performance, reducing one-off questions and keeping your team focused on what matters

Take back your Sunday nights

Stop spending hours analyzing spreadsheets, interpreting dashboards, and writing reports just to keep your team updated every week

Be a better coach

Drill into your stories by rep, account, industry, and more, so your reps know what’s working, what’s not, and where to improve

Does this sound like something that could benefit you or your team?

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