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Blog 5 Simple (Yet Overlooked) Campaign Tactics Proven to Drive Revenue with Adam Goyette

In this session from Camp Revenue, you’ll hear from Adam Goyette, VP of Marketing at Help Scout.

He’ll walk you through some marketing tactics sure to help drive your revenue. You may have overlooked them, but he is here to help you see them.

Key insights from the session:

Adam claims he will not teach you anything new in this session. Why take the time to watch then, right? He may not teach anything new but he will remind you of the power and importance of a lot of tactics you already have in your arsenal.

Know your competitors

This sounds like the most “duh” concept in the world. The thing is, a lot of people forget about the indirect competitors you have, these are competition for your buyer’s attention. There are only so many minutes in the day and only so many things your buyers can take in within the day. If you don’t get their attention, you can’t win. A lot of times people make “good” ads or content, but they don’t make different content. Different is what grabs people’s attention.

Be fascinating

When you write emails, or social or any content where you want people to click a link to learn more, write fascinatingly. Tease out the promise of what is in store instead of giving it up right away. If you give all the information away up front, what incentive does your audience have to click the link? Clicking the link is when the magic happens and they end up on your website. Make sure they get there by enticing them and making them curious.

Prove it

Use social proof whenever possible. 95% of shoppers read reviews online before they buy a product. Having social proof or testimonials can increase page conversion and buyer confidence in your product/service. This is especially true if you are selling B2B instead of B2C. B2B buying risk is perceived to be much higher than B2C risk. Adding social proof lessens the feeling of risk and makes potential customers more likely to convert.

Watch the full recording to learn more.

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