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March 14, 2019

Quill Extensions Feature Update: Contribution Analysis

You spoke, we listened. Over the last handful of months, we’ve had a number of customers ask for contribution analysis to be included in the Quill Extensions feature set.

On Thursday, March 14th, 2019, our Product team released this feature into production. For SaaS customers, this will immediately impact the automated summaries you receive moving forward. For On-Premises customers, please contact your Narrative Science Customer Success Manager for specific instructions to make the necessary updates.

Feature Summary: Customers using our Quill Extensions or Business Intelligence API will be able to see automated language that tells contribution to change analysis of sub-dimensions (e.g. each region’s changes in sales over time) to a parent dimension (total of regions’ sales over time), or contribution of sub-dimensions (e.g. each region’s sales) to a parent dimension (total sales of regions).

What Is Impacted: Continuous & Discrete stories written by our Quill Extensions. This does not impact custom Quill use-cases.

Example Output:

  • Over the most recent year, Tourism Income increased 2.81% from $1.22 trillion to $1.25 trillion across the six regions, with gains driven by Asia (+12% to $305.42 billion) and The Americas (+6.96% to $290.91 billion) but offset by Europe (-3.29% to $528.91 billion).
  • Across the entire time frame selected, Tourism Income increased 128% from $549.29 billion to $1.25 trillion across the six regions, with gains driven by Europe (+100% to $528.91 billion) and Asia (+283% to $305.42 billion).


To better understand how this specifically impacts your organization, please contact your Narrative Science Customer Success Manager.

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