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Blog How Infotainment Fueled Our Company to Grow with Ryan O'Hara

In this session from Camp Revenue, you’ll hear from Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth and Marketing at LeadIQ.

Dive into a philosophical shift in LeadIQ’s marketing activities, and how this shift has helped fuel LeadIQ to stand out, collect more meetings, and build brand affinity in a crowded market.

Key insights from the session:

Welcome to the late night show. Your company’s own late night show. Ryan O’Hara believes a company’s content strategy should be to act like you are running your own late night talk show. This means constant exposure, human interest and posting every single day.

People don’t like brands

They like people! Infotainment works because people think they know your brand AND the people behind your brand. Showing off your company’s personality and your people is a competitive advantage that can’t be copied.

Post every single day

Why? How? About what? All of these are valid questions. They also have easy answers. Post anything except about your business. Post about yourself, about your life, about life at your company. Sales people are perfect for this task, if they can razzle and dazzle at conferences and events, they can do this.

More is better than better

This may sound counter intuitive but posting every single day is the best way to build an audience and a following. As humans, our brains like patterns, we like knowing when things will happen and what will happen every day. By posting every day you build both a cadence for your business and a level of comfort for your company’s followers. Not every post may be a hit and that is okay! At least you got your name out there one more time.

Watch the full recording to learn more.

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