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November 5, 2019

Dreaming of Dreamforce

By: Cal Frese

6 Ways I’ll be Discovering the Future of Technology

This is my first time attending Dreamforce and the hype around it is intense. Not that it’s unjustified. The featured speaker’s list alone looks like something from the most interesting red carpet event ever: Obama, Tim Cook, and Megan Rapinoe!?! But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Over the past few weeks, I have been reading blogs, looking at tweets, and talking to people who have tips and tricks for the event (wear comfortable shoes, I get it). Now I feel like it’s time for me to give my 2 cents on what I am most excited about at this behemoth of a conference.

Tools of tomorrow, today

1: I’m amped to learn about new tools and “get hands-on with the technology of tomorrow.” Who wouldn’t be excited for something that sounds like the opening of a sci-fi movie? I don’t expect to find any plasma shooters or anything. Tools that make my team better is the next best thing though (maybe).

Going my own way…to a breakout session

2: “High velocity sales – technology powering your greatest inside sales teams.” 

This is what I am thinking about every single day. We all know how thinking about the same thing every day can get you wrapped up in a thought bubble. So, getting to hear other smart, insightful people – with different ways of thinking – talk about the same problems I am working to solve is just what I need. This is a session you couldn’t pay me to miss.

3: I’d be remiss if I don’t plug “3 Ways to Accelerate Growth with Artificial Intelligence”. Yes, it is with our very own General Manager, Keelin McDonell, along with Salesforce’s Andra Ely and Eugene Feldman. But it is also an amazing topic guaranteed to spin your gears.

4: “Inspire your sales teams with Gen Stanley McChrystal.” 

We are all about company culture here at Narrative Science. Having a work environment where people feel heard, innovative, and excited to come to work each day are things we strive for. As a team leader, it is important for me to be inspirational to my team and be a positive part of their work life. I am really interested in hearing Stanley’s take on managing teams, good leadership qualities, and how to navigate complex organizations. I am always trying to better myself as a leader, not just for me, but for my team as well.

5: “Capitalizing on tech trends: tales from the front lines.”  

I love disruptive tech, not just because we are disruptive tech, but because being on the forefront of change is exhilarating. Also, what better inspiration is there while we are launching Lexio than hearing from people who have done the same? I want to hear strategy, internal techniques, and war stories from people who have done what I am doing, successfully. 

Team bonding, and a LOT of it

6: I’ll end on a cliche (not the comfortable shoes one). I am excited to be in an awesome city like San Francisco, with my badass team. I am ready to dive in headfirst with 170K other like-minded people and have a one of a kind experience. I always value getting to know my team in different settings – don’t get me wrong, we might get a little sick of each other – but I’m looking forward to experiencing this together.

Overall, I think Dreamforce 2019 is going to be an awesome week of personal and professional development with a good deal of fun mixed in. I am hoping to learn about what the future holds in the world of tech, hear from some intense speakers and maybe come home with some fun swag.

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