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Artificial Intelligence to Help Humans, Not Replace Them.

AI can mean a lot of things

At its core, artificial intelligence is simply when a machine does something that, if done by a person, would be considered intelligent. There are many different flavors of artificial intelligence that have all become their own buzzwords. Machine learning. Case-based reasoning. Rules-based AI. Deep learning.

We focus getting computers to talk to us

At Narrative Science, we build data storytelling products. Instead of humans learning how to interpret data, we think that computers – and our data – should talk to us.

But here’s the deal: it’s hard for computers to talk to humans. Humans communicate through stories and conversations, and computers, well, don’t.

Our AI approach

We take a goal-oriented, algorithmic AI approach to creating stories from data. Here’s how it works, at a high level:

  • We use intent structures that represent the questions that a story will need to answer
  • Rhetorical strategies specify how to organize and order the intents
  • We separate the data that is necessary to answer those questions from the rest of your data
  • We choose and run analytics that need to be performed on those data in order to determine the correct answers
    We specify the appropriate characterizations or interpretations of the analytic results that represent the answers to the initial questions

AI can be for everyone

Yes, our technology might sound complicated, but our products aren’t. They are built for anyone to use. And that’s intentional – we believe that AI should involve technology and humans, helping both be better. And we think that AI should be for everyone.

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