Increase the effectiveness of compliance report writing

The modern business environment makes it challenging to achieve compliance and meet ever-changing regulations. Quill can scale the efforts of your top analysts and provide regulators, internal audit teams and executives with transparent and consistent reporting that is traceable back to the system of record.

Deliver narrative compliance reporting at scale with NLG.


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Greater transparency
& visibility

Every client communication, due diligence report and regulatory report is traceable back to the system of record.

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Data insights
at scale

No need to train everyone to be data savvy; instead, deliver intuitive, actionable narratives anyone can understand.

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Automated regulatory reporting that is comprehensive, consistent and objectively states the facts.

“Quill takes data and attributes, finds the facts, adds a layer of interpretation, and fits that into a reporting structure … Risk management and compliance personnel appreciate the transparency inherent in machine-generated narratives—they can be traced back to the system of record.”

—Christine Pratt, Aite Group, “Legitimizing Alternative Data/Analytics: A Consumer Credit Market Overview”

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See how Quill can help your enterprise deliver responsible innovation

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