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Retail and CPG companies can amass product, inventory, sales and customer activity data like never before. But making this data actionable for employees and engaging for customers can be challenging. Create information that’s relevant and actionable for your team, and influential to consumer and business buying behavior, at scale, with Quill.

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Stop combing through data and writing content that always needs updating. Quill writes the descriptions for you from your data—unique, variable and engaging—increasing web traffic and purchases.

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Real estate

Increase site traffic with unique, high quality and engaging descriptions on all your properties—residential or commercial, rental or for-purchase—automatically generated by Quill.

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Travel & leisure

Quill knows the search terms your prospects use when looking for destinations online. Drive more viewers who spend more time on your site, with auto-generated descriptions by Quill.

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Operational performance reports

Empower your employees with actionable insights that are easy to understand. Quill creates operational performance reports that are relevant to the employee and help drive better decisions.

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Our Partnership with Indix

Indix provides the world's largest collection of structured product information. Quill is integrated into the Indix Cloud Catalog to automatically generate descriptions based on your data and quickly build SEO-optimized product pages.


site traffic

Drive website page views, click-throughs and conversions with more engaging content.

More relevant

Identify drivers of operational performance with narratives that communicate the most pertinent information.


Eliminate time employees spend manually analyzing and reporting on business performance.

“By 2018, 20% of all business content will be authored by machines.”

—Gartner, Predicts 2016: Have Content Your Way, November 2015

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Blog Post


Increase site traffic and conversions with Quill

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