Automatically generate portfolio commentary

Portfolio commentary writing takes significant time and resources, with the asset management reporting process repeating again and again—often at a moment’s notice to meet client or sales needs. But Quill makes it possible for portfolio commentary to be done automatically, so you can be ready on day one of the quarter.

See how automation is changing the market.

Quill portfolio commentary

Quill writes portfolio commentary for your strategies and separately managed accounts (SMAs) customized in your firm’s style, tone and guidelines to ensure consistency and compliance—in seconds. Quill Portfolio Commentary integrates into your existing workflow, creating quarterly, monthly and on-demand commentary at scale.


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Commentary in seconds

Cut client reporting production time from weeks to seconds and have commentary ready on day one of the quarter.

Consistent & compliant

Generate consistent, compliant commentary written in your firm's tone, style and guidelines.

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Scale coverage & frequency

Write commentary more frequently, across more funds, at scale—freeing resources to focus on more valuable work. 

FactSet integration

Combining FactSet's best-in-breed analytics and publishing with our Advanced Natural Language Generation (Advanced NLG) capabilities, automatically generate portfolio commentary directly within the FactSet Publisher platform. Client reporting is faster and easier than ever.

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Vermilion integration

Quill integrates with Vermilion Reporting Suite (VRS), allowing you to automate portfolio commentary writing directly within VRS—putting all client information needs in one place and accelerating your client reporting.

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“Quill Portfolio Commentary enables our team to scale delivery of more routine fund content and data updates across multiple strategies and markets, while allowing us to dedicate more of our expert resources to authoring in-depth investment perspectives and thought leadership material.”

—David McSpadden, Executive Vice President, Global Marketing Services, Franklin Templeton

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