Make business insights accessible across your enterprise

Business intelligence (BI) tools can help you develop a richer understanding of your enterprise. But they require data and analytical skills to interpret and explain their visualizations. Quill makes BI more accessible, automatically transforming the visualizations into Intelligent Narratives that are easy for anyone to understand.

See how Intelligent Narratives automatically tell the story of your data.

Quill integrates with virtually any BI platform

Narratives for Qlik—a Qlik Sense extension—automatically writes compelling narratives from visualizations, providing you with intelligent explanations that explain the drivers of your business.

Narratives for Tableau is a Google Chrome extension that immediately generates data-driven stories about your Tableau visualizations, ultimately driving better business decisions.

With Narratives for Microsoft Power BI, go from data to Intelligent Narrative in less than a second, empowering you to realize the full value of your data and visualizations through true data storytelling.

Narratives for Business Intelligence, SAP BusinessObjects Lumira edition, is revolutionizing narrative reporting for the enterprise, with integrated narratives that can be easily understood and shared with a click of a button.


to understand

Receive and report natural language explanations that identify hidden relationships within data visualizations.


Deepen the level of insights delivered through descriptive, predictive and diagnostic analytics.

& dynamic

Tailor communication by adjusting the narrative format, length and language variability.

“Visualizations contextualized and enriched by easy-to-understand narratives, either analyst or NLG-created, accelerate the time to insight. They also improve the accuracy of insights and conclusions made from analytics content delivered to, and shared with, an expanded set of users who may have limited analytical skills.”

—Gartner Technology Insight for Modern Business Intelligence and Analytics Platforms


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