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Narrative Science and MicroStrategy: Natural Language for Enterprise BI

It’s been over twenty five years since MicroStrategy burst into the BI space with powerful software for the enterprise. And the company hasn’t slowed down since. With operations in 28 countries and over 4,000 enterprise customers worldwide, MicroStrategy is now pushing the boundaries of innovation in the enterprise. This time, it’s with natural language generation.

Introducing Narratives for MicroStrategy

Today, we’re introducing a partnership with MicroStrategy to integrate natural language capabilities into MicroStrategy’s analytics platform, empowering users with real-time smart data discovery. With a couple of clicks, anyone can generate Intelligent Narratives directly within MicroStrategy’s analytics platform and share them at scale through dashboards, scheduled reports, and mobile.

Empowering enterprises with Intelligent Narratives

We’re thrilled about the endless opportunities for companies to leverage narratives in their everyday lives, regardless of industry, team, and user type.

  • Healthcare companies can immediately identify, understand, and communicate trends impacting patient experience.

  • Government groups can generate natural language explanations about trends in spending levels and opportunities to increase operational efficiency.

  • Banks can instantly analyze and share real-time market trends through an interactive dashboard that includes dynamic narratives, eliminating the need for manual calculations.

With the market clamoring for smart data discovery capabilities and customers seeking efficient ways to communicate actionable insights to the masses, our partnership with MicroStrategy fills this gap, enabling enterprises to discover insights, faster, so they can make smarter decisions anytime, anywhere.

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